My Family

The pictures on this blog really are a great way to see how close my family is. We live in the same neighborhood- not the same street- as my parents and grandparents. Many pictures included on the blog are taken at our house, but just as many aren't. So here is the family breakdown:

The Villars aka Stewart Street
      Cody and Kathleen: thirty somethings, married almost 8 years
      Joseph: age 5
      Cora: age 3
      baby #3: coming in August

The dogs of Stewart: Daisy (the Golden) and Rosie (the Cavalier).

We live approximately one minute by car, 5 minutes on foot  and milliseconds by phone to my parents.

The grandparents aka Winwood Drive 
      Oma M.E.: the only thing better than having her as a mother is that my kids have her as a grandmother
      Grandpa : retired Navy pilot, newly retired high school math teacher

The pets of Winwood: Danny (the Golden), Abby (the Corgi) and Sophie (the cat).

 My parents also own family property in the country we refer to as "the hill."

They can see my grandmother's house from their backyard.

The great-grandmother aka Boise de Arc Lane
      Oma: my grandmother, amazing family cook and "matriarch" of the family

The uncle
      Joe: my brother who actually lives close by too and makes the occasional appearance on the blog


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